Data visualization lab

Trevor Nelson
1 min readFeb 18, 2021

Part 1

As of 2021, Instagram has dominated other photo sharing apps on social media. Above is a chart showing the trend and popularity of Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. What all of the apps have in common is when they were released they had a good rise in popularity, they also all decline after a while. One thing that interested me was Instagram was at its peak in popularity, then TikTok was released. You can see that around the same time in 2019, TikTok had a huge spike in popularity where instagram starts to decline quite fast.

Part 2

Which proportion is larger, 25.6 of 32 or 160 of 200? The answer is the same but one might sound like it is more than the other. This is an example that shows how graphs can help our minds see things clearly.

Above is a graph that compares some stats of the best and worst quarterbacks from the NFL in 2018. The dark blue is, Josh Rosen, and the light blue is, Drew Brees. the stats that are included in the graph are their overall: Touchdown passes, Interceptions, sacks, Completion (%), and QBR rating.

Part 3

Above is a graph that shows when the U.S. economy went through recessions. The US economies went through these periods: July 1990 — March 1991, March 2001 — November 2001, and December 2007 — July 2009.



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