Youtube Data Analysis

Trevor Nelson
3 min readFeb 28, 2021
Percentages of users on social media platforms in 2020
Projection of Youtube’s U.S. viewers in millions

Above are two graphs that look at some of the data about the platform, YouTube. The first one compares it to other social media platforms and how many consumers the platform generated with generation X users, and users 15+ in the year of 2020. Out of all the social networking sites listed in the graph, YouTube comes in second behind Facebook with users 46–55 years old, but comes in first with younger users generally 15+.

The second graph is a prediction on how popular YouTube will be in the U.S. by 2025. By 2020 YouTube had generated 205 million users in just the U.S. By 2025 YouTube is projected to be at nearly 223 million users in the U.S. YouTube may not be the most popular platform, but it’s not going anywhere. In times like these where almost everything is going digital, YouTube will always be a popular form of entertainment for users of all ages.

The amount of videos the average user can find on YouTube are endless. Users can go to YouTube for fun, and even professional and educational reasons. YouTube has even become a platform that can be used very professionally if used correctly. People are finding out that YouTube can offer education, help on certain things, and even job opportunities. Not all users on YouTube are there for just entertainment. Some content creators have a large enough audience that they make enough money to do it as a job. Others might want to use YouTube to show educational videos during a lecture. Some might want to use YouTube to figure out how to put something together or take it apart.

Over the years, and the years to come. YouTube has evolved into a professional streaming platform that can be widely used across the world. Media is becoming a huge part of everyday life, and YouTube is not hesitating to hop on the trends. When you compare YouTube to other social media platforms, it’s looked at as a more professional social media platform than snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. This platform continues to shock its consumers with everything that it has to offer. There are plenty of statistics showing how YouTube has grown over the years and it will continue to grow with more people switching to media whether it’s for news, education, or just entertainment. Even with all the other options that are out there today, YouTube is staying near the top.

As the world, around us turns to media for solutions. More people are finding out that YouTube can offer much more than entertainment. Some users don’t know how much YouTube can be of service. The charts above have stated, youtube is a growing a platform. I believe that the graphs are accurate with YouTube’s popularity and I think it will continue to grow and stay near the lead of other social media platforms in not only the U.S., but worldwide.




Trevor Nelson

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